Cheeseburger in Paradise is an Island of escape from the chaos of everyday life. Through our Island Hospitality, perfectly prepared food and cocktails, and relaxed atmosphere, we create a "Paradise State of Mind" in everyone who enters our restaurant.

Community Involvement

The success of Cheeseburger in Paradise is the result of putting our Islanders (employees), customers, purveyors, neighbors and partners first. We believe when we take care of Our People, then the institution of Cheeseburger in Paradise will take care of itself. These Principles and Beliefs determine how we do our jobs and conduct our business every day.

Hospitality is critical to the Island culture and at Cheeseburger in Paradise taking care of guests is our number one goal. We want our customers to feel like part of our family. Our Islanders play a vital role in upholding our standards and creating an environment of genuine concern for our customers.